Thursday, May 14, 2009

Apple Start a glance Video Game Market

Has not been quite satisfied with the success in the notebook market and the mobile phone, Apple began to look the video game market. Uniquely, in the habit outside Apple who often do Outsource content and hardware products to the other party, this time for Apple to seriously use their own product gamenya. To realize ambisinya, Apple to recruit some staff of experts in the computer graphics and game consoles. Does this foreshadow the birth of the new console machine outside the playstation and XBOX in the future?
Better Staff for Better Results
In recent months Apple actively recruit qualified staff and computer graphics consoles such as Bob Drebin and Raja Koduri. Both the Chief Technology Officers for AMD graphics products. And in early May this, Apple re-recruit Richard Teversham, Director of Senior XBOX Insights and Strategy Division at Microsoft Corp. Interactive Entertainment. Apple has demonstrated seriousness and agresivitasnya in the development of technology, especially technology and graphics Semiconductor. Years ago this company mengakusisi PA Semi, a company that produces Power-architecture microprocessors, chip multi-core processors saver with 65nm manufacturing.

Possible Akusisi Electronic Arts

Guy Adami, Managing Director of Drakon Capital mengisyarakatkan that Apple are working close to Electronic Arts, the second-largest game publisher in the world (after the Nintendo) to mengakusisi company. Electronic Arts is known as a PC game publisher that uses Microsoft Direct3D programming interface that is not supported by the platform owned by Apple. That way, when akusisi this happens, Apple must develop their own content and konsolnya game with Electronic Arts to manage distribution channels and marketing. Interesting disimak whether the ambition to seize the market Apple computer and console games will be realized in the future and the dream lover of the Mac to play games with game-high quality graphics on their Macs.
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Source: X-bit Labs News

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