Friday, June 15, 2012

IP Gives It All

Most people wonder how do websites come to know of your location from IP.Now you too can find out.Forget users you can even sneak up on websites. Just enter IP/URL/mailid and vola all the details of are given.

Just visit visualroute . This has some great tools that will help you. You can enter IP/URL/Domain name and much more.

Here is a pic of what it can do (click on pic for a larger image). It gives your location. who is your internet provider, how you are connected to him.
(click for larger image)

This software costs about 60$. What if you dont want to buy the software you can use the lite version. This give only how the data is sent., how are you connected yo him

visual route
(click for larger image)

What if you dont want to download any thing. then there are some online tools

  • and more.

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