Friday, June 15, 2012

Hack Email ( yahoo / msn / aol / gmail and lot more)

Most of us are interested in hacking some one's email(mostly buddies or family members). If you want to know how to "Hack email" by both the safe(no offense way) and the "you go to jail" way then read along. all are simple but effective ways to hack emails . Solts start hacking emails

There are several ways you can achieve this let me show you all.

  • Read email without hacking --  This is 100% soafe . If you are simply inerested in reading someone's email then you can achive this wihout hacking. Check out this post on Hacking emials: Read emails . The problem with this method is you cant read email of secure mails like Yahoo, Gmail, msn, Aol  or of most commonly used mail providers. This  is best for reading mails of organisations that maintain their own server wich are not secure and of mails send to small websites/blogs via forms that may not be sent securely
  • Using password recovery -- This may have tough requirements but is the best method.If you wnat to get some one's password you can use a password recovery software. This too is partially safe as the softwares are not illegal but if you misuse it 's a crime. You can check out this post onhacking using password recovry softwares
  • Using  Keylogger -- A keyloggger is a software that records all you keystrokes. It is used by admins to moniter the system since it records all keystrokes it will also record sensitive info. As above using keylogger is n ot illegal but misusing the result is crime. (more details comming soon)
  • Phishing/Craeting fake pages   --  You can trick some one into entering his info at a fake page created by you. This is punishable offense and you will get at least 1 year sentence. Jsut creat a clone copy of that page with a form intsead of a login box that mails the details to you. Check out this post oncreating fake pages

This article is purely for knowledge sake and we dont intent to spread havoc. None of us have ever hacked into anyone's account expect may be for our own.

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