Friday, December 12, 2008

Installing Windows Vista process

Like Windows XP aau other versions of Windows, the installation process is easy. Likewise with Windows Vista. The installation of Windows Vista is much more easily. In this installation process you can make a direct boot from the DVD format the hard drive and direct you, then continue the installation process was conducted. You can also upgrade the way it is when using previous versions of Windows, such as Windows XP Professional.

If the installation process by upgrading it after you enter a master's in Windows Vista to a CD or DVD drive, then immediately appear for the installation. In this case you live in pressing the button Install Now.

Furthermore, these impressions of your stay to wait until the installation process directly implemented. At this installation you only occasionally pressing Next button and enter the CD-Key that you have. After the installation is finished you are asked to do activasi through the Internet. After activasi Windows Vista is ready digunakan.Publish

Running Windows Vista

Microsoft to launch Windows Vista press the power button on the computer and the monitor. Then let the program work. The initial view before you make changes, Windows Vista will display the Welcome Center. It explains and shows the hardware and system that you use. In addition, in this view, when you display the facilities will add a new form of hardware setup Device, facilities to add new accounts and facilities to transfer files and settings.
To know some of the facilities provided by the Microsoft Windows Vista, especially related to multimedia you can run Media Center. The steps that you must do the following:
Click Start
Click Media Center
Click Next to continue the setup Media Center
Click Next again
If your computer has a connection you piloih Yes Wireles, but if we do not select No and click Next to continue
In the Internet Connection and "Always on" Internet Connection "you select Yes or No depending on Internet connection that you use
Click Next to continue
Select one connection that appears, for example, the Internet, the Internet or other Media Center
Click Next to continue
In the Enter Your Password DialUp, maskkan your password in the password column, for example admin001
Type your password again, mialnya admin001
Click Next to continue
Click Test to try to connect the connection. If there is no connection, the computer will

Note: To take advantage of this facility should your computer network connected to the Internet. However, you also can still take advantage of this facility, although not connected only very limited.
If your computer is not connected to the Internet network, the statement will appear DialUp failed.
Just click Next to continue
Click Next again
Then in the Help Improve Media Center you select No Thank You, and then click Next again
Click Yes
Click Next, and click Next again
Click I'm finished, and click Next
Then click Finish to why

End of Windows Vista

To end the Microsoft Windows Vista procedures that you must do the following:
Click Start.
Click one of the options available
In this situation there are three options that will be shown the program, Switch User, Log Off, Lock, Shut Down and Restart
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