Saturday, December 27, 2008

Giving Logo On My Computer Properties

Actually this is a lot of tricks that ... yes ... to know that do not read this article, waste of time.
For those who do not know, now try to right click on your desktop in MyComputer and click properties. When we install a new OS logo will be visible windows on the top and the bottom of the empty (I stalled as I usually shop logo ttt). We will provide the logo there.

Open notepad and write the script follows:

===== Sof =====
Manufacturer = Yogyafree OK (free)
Model = (free)
[Support Information]
Line1 = Visit us at the free ()
Line2 = ff ... (free)
Line3 = (free) ...
===== EOF =====

Save the file name OEMINFO.ini. After the search for *. bmp image and name OEMLOGO.bmp, if it is ... the second place in the file C: \ Windows \ system32 or system (the system's better, though I would replace the logo more easily find the file).

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