Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dupe (almost) All Types of Billing Warnet

When we began to turn the computer on which Microsoft first began appearing at the windows is the login screen client billing covering all areas of the windows. Function Alt + Tab and Ctrl + Alt + Del, usually participate in the follow-up to force us to disable login through the billing program. In fact when we sign the computer screen that is ready to run. Only obstructed by the login screen is frustrating.

Yapese .. correct one. That we need to do is hide the window without having to sign the log. There are many progie make nyembunyiin window, one ZHider. I will only describe the use of ZHider. For those who use progie laen please read manualnya, but that needs to progie is that you use must be able show / hide a window hotkey windows coz we just covered the same login screen damn it.

That must be prepared:

1. ZHider program. Find yourself a google om. How small in size, is half the contents of floppy disks. Nemu progie what I do wrong in the bonus CD Chip. Dah edition you forget that.
2. Front idiotic
3. Mental strong

The steps:

01. Warnet incoming tide and get stupid faces I suspect operator
02. Make sure that in addition to box / tempati room that we still have that empty box. Though I do suspect.
03. Try looking for a place far from the op, that I discovered an empty box what you do.
04. Turn on your computer before when still in a state of death.
05. When entering login screen, login aja as usual.
06. Run ZHider that have been prepared on the diskette / flash. I have belom, a google search aja.
07. After ZHider run directly aja out.
08. Naah, login screen in this action we start excite us. Press Ctrl + Alt + Z.. Jreeeng, login screen has disappeared!
09. Browsinglah sepuasnya, but still make sure there is another empty box. Kan strange if there is a cafe entrance, I see him in full. But look at the billing server is still there that have not been logged.
10. I have puass press Ctrl + Alt + x to bring back the login screen disappears somewhere to go:)
11. Login as usual and browse a few minutes to a tariff to the number we want. This is so that I suspected.
12. Logout. Prepare the face of idiotic, and pay rates.

This is easier dilalukan if the operator is the same too you know.
Moreover, when the op often keluyuran.

This is some of the hotkey ZHider use, for other hotkey please read the README file included with zhider
CTRL + ALT + Z Hide the active window
CTRL + ALT + X Showing again that all the window is hidden
CTRL + ALT + L Showing dialogue zhider
CTRL + ALT + M Showing again that all the window is hidden, and also close zhider.
What I can do on the dilakuin, cut usahamu. Indeed, the act jahatmu not diridhai God:)
I discovered immediately pertebal "stupid face"-you. For example, the "Eh, so I gini ya? Kemaren ga gini kok." Ato other words, depending on your creativity.
The author is not liable for losses incurred on the use of this article (Use at Your Own Risk).

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