Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hacking Victims

Just read along if you wish to hack any email that asks you the security question in case you forgot the password. This makes use of a bug present in most email(expect a few like earthlymail and electronicmail ) .There are several sites that claim to give you password by just sending an email but in that you also need to give your password.This is a fake thing you finally end up getting your id hacked.

This is a genuine method and is only for educational purpose. If you hack you are at your own.We will trick the server in thinking that the details(DOB/Securtity question & answer) you gave are true. Please read the enire post before you begin as you need to done somethings before you start composing.One important thing If you are hacking a Yahoo account compose/send mail from a Yahoo account only. If you dont have one then create it and then send.

Just compose a mail called FORGOT PASSWORD(all in caps)

Now you need to send this mail to ret_pass@**** .com(replace *** with Live/ Hotmail/MSN) OR retrieve_pass@**** .com(replace **** with Aol/AIM/Yahoo)

In the subject field type the following id:$your victims's id$
Here is the trick we need to convince the server that the details that you give are the details of that id

secque: $give your security question$ (no ? after the question. In case it has a space for eg: "What is your pet" give it as what%20is%20your%pet i.e replace any space by %20)

For Yahoo it's security

secans: $give your security answer$ (Again here also if any space then replace the space by %20 For eg: if your answer is "Google Helper" give it as google%20helper)

For Yahoo it's security & for Aol/Aim it's secan

sdob: %$dob of your id$% No % needed for Yahoo
You may also be needed to give your Pincode as spin .

Once you send the mail the server will will not know what to do. The securtiy details of the id from which you sent mail are fully correct but id mentioned is something else. So instead of giving your password it gives password of the id metioned.

You should either get the password in 10-30 min or an error will be generated. I think by now you might have understood why i asked to send for the same mail provider.If not then the reason is how will MSN know details of your AOL mail.

And one more imprtant thing this method has a 95% success rate if you dont get up from your dream. This means that this post is all Bogus. You can never hack anyone by this method.This was just to show how easy you get fooled . I decided to make it look as complicated as possible to as trick.And i excluded earthly mail to give a indirect warning sign so that clever minds might be able to catch it)

If you didnt fall for it then great else boo go start writing snail/postal mail , web is not for you. Remember it's not easy to hack.Never follow any method given online.Also dont give your id to any who claims to give you the method one coz once you give your spam mail box would be always full.

SO the moral is if you are too greedy you end up loosing every thing that you have.For true methods visit the hacking section(click here)

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